What is the best recorder book for beginners?
It should be easy to read with fun graphics and enjoyable music, but not too much material per page plus economically priced.

See our top picks below.  Rock on recorder players.

The Recorder Fun Book for Young Students

The Recorder Fun Book is an amazon top seller and designed for young students.

This book is our number one pick because it utilizes a number of innovative teaching techniques including letter names inside the note heads, limited material per page, fun, child-centered graphics, fingering chart, glossary and much more!

CD and online accompaniment tracks also available.


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Essential Elements Classroom Method for Recorder is designed for today’s classroom, including easy-to-use technology features that enhance the learning experience for any teaching situation.

Essential Elements for Recorder is an effective tool for introducing or reinforcing general music concepts, as an introduction to ensemble performance (band, orchestra, and choir), or for individual or small group instruction. Includes over 130 songs, instrument basics, music reading, duets and rounds, music history, and a fingering chart.

Recorder Express provides the track to becoming a great recorder player and having fun! More than 120 folk, pop, and original songs and exercises are included, as well as technique tips and beginning music theory. Notes in the order taught: B, A, G, C, D, Low E, Low D, F-sharp, Low C, F, High E.

Levels one and two are covered in this one edition. This method was well-conceived and thoroughly tested by master teacher, clinician, and professional recorder player Artie Almeida. A separate CD is available with 98 tracks! Most tracks are accompaniment only, but some feature a professional recorder player so that students can strive to match her beautiful tone and musicality.

It’s Recorder Time is  basic method of building finger technique, intonation and tonguing through the performance of folk, classical and familiar songs.

Building on the notes already learned in the first book, and adding new notes to stretch your recorder skills further, this book is perfect for improving recorder players of all ages.

If you’re struggling to get started playing the recorder and would like to learn an effective way to memorize, play and combine notes to make music that tug at the heartstrings, then this guide is for you.

There are few experiences as soothing and enjoyable as hearing an experienced player delight your ears with a woodwind instrument. The enjoyment goes double if you’re the player. From folk songs to lullabies and crowd-pulling pop music, the recorder flute is an iconic woodwind instrument that has found its way into many beautiful pieces of music.

From learning how to properly hold the recorder to making your first note, Jason Randall takes you by the hand and shows you everything you need to know about playing the recorder in a way the is fun, enjoyable and accessible.